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Well... yesterday my friends cut my hair because I was bored and I wanted a change... but now I regret it because it turned out kinda weird. No offense to them... but they think it's cute. I don't... so... I went to get it cut.. AGAIN... but by a proffesional... and now.... it's SUPER short.... i hate it!!! I want my long hair back... and now I don't know how to style my hair because... it's too short for ponytails and it sticks out kinda funny if I just let it go.... blah! STYLING TIPS WANTED!!!

I would a pic... but you'll have to wait.

Anyways... band camp is going okay.. but it takes up a lot of my time.. like i even do anything productive with my time but that's not the point.. it's kinda irritating me that some people learn real slow.. and that makes me get very edgy... so.. eh.

I cried so much today... you have no idea... but it was because of a "situation" with my parents... and then the whole hair cut thing just made me go into shock for a couple of hours. But I'm okay now... the thing with my parents is really bugging me though.. and I don't know what to do... I guess I'll just have to leave them alone... and not get tied up with their problems.
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