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Ok... since I'm here

Done nothing... gone to school.. pacesetter practice... and tomorrow's our first game. It won't really matter because our football team sucks anyways. They won their scrimmage... whoo-freaking-doo!!! That doesn't mean that the season is going to go like that.

Blah... i'm planning to change my layout soon.. but I need to figure out what I'm doing and I want to put a different background pic. And I'm probably going to change my font too... ok well.. with that said... I'M GETTING MY CAMERA IN LESS THAN A MONTH.... YES!!!


And for those that hate long entries... I'm not going to do that anymore because i know how much people hate to read what I have to say... especially since it's like 3546435468734867 pages long. So I've saved you the trouble of reading... ha!

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