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Ranting begins...... NOW!!!

Maybe I misunderstood?

And it doesn't matter.... even if I were to stay quiet... I would still make you mad... and don't tell me that I'm lying because you know that I'm not. Everything's so awkward now.. and i don't know why. It shouldn't be like this...we should be able to talk like we always did... but... I guess things change... whatever. I guess it's better you have OTHER people to bring a smile to your have.. since I'm not that person... I was never that person..there's nothing I could do to get a smile on your face... even when I acted like a complete fool... but that's okay... I guess.

(ranting done now)


"hold tight to the emotions
for you never know when you'll actually appreciate them"

Nothing's happened this weekend.. except that I've been bored and I've been pretty hungry. I've written about a page and a half on my story... it's really weird and it isn't going anywhere...

blah! it looks like it's going to rain... or maybe that's just my curtains.. :P... but the point still stands.


Does this entry make sense?



"Stop talking"

I can't........ BAH!
"Come with me to neverland love... where nothing but what you want will happen...."

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