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I want to hate you soo bad....

You think that you can bring me down
Well you're fucking retarted then
Because you may cause me to shed some tears for you
But that won't last
I may cry and yell and hate you for the rest of my life
But there's a thing called "revenge" that you don't seem to understand
You may look at me with inferiority
But I look at you with utter disgust
Try and tell me that you don't care
Because I know that you do
You want to hide what is already there
Don't be an asshole and just admit that you are a loser
You will never have the balls to do what you want
Just try and tell me that I'm not good enough
Try and tell me that I'm not worthy
Because the truth is...
You're the one that's not worthy of anyone!!!!

Felt like writing that since I'm the mood and because I can. i'm soo annoyed right now.. it's not funny.. and the thing is that I don't know why. Everything has been bugging me since I got home.. but... eh... I haven't done anything... I just kept inside. Now.. I'm listening to my music and it's starting to come back. I don't know what to do to relax myself...

School will start in about 2 weeks i think. And I hate the fact that this year is going to be killer... and that once again I will not find what I'm looking for. THAT will always be an empty space inside of me until.. well.. until it happens. I know I shouldn't be in a rush but... it's kinda hard not to be.

"I'll wait for you forever
I'll even scream if that's what you want
I may be a fool when it comes to you
But I want to be with you always
And that's all you need to know"

I can't keep myself from typing more.... I want to stop but it seems like something is telling me to keep writing.... but i don't know what to write about now.

My parent's "situation" is getting better... I don't listen to what they argue about so I don't have to have any guilt..... okay... i guess i can stop this blather and I can go to sleep... ciao!

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